Very Coool! As a matter of fact...

  • 25%

    of customers who come primarily for a FEC also cross-shopped in the mall’s other stores.

  • 79%

    of shoppers are spending more time in the center because of play facilities.

  • Shoppers who perceive

    a high level of entertainment

    usually spent more time on shopping than those who experience a low level of entertainment.

  • 94%

    of shoppers believe the experience is enhanced by play facilities.

  • FEC’s are effective in drawing younger families visiting malls more for social and entertainment purposes and it has been noticed that FEC customers spend additional time at the food court and mall stores.

  • For 35%

    of the shoppers is a play facility their main reason they will visit the shopping center.

  • Consumers expect malls to provide not only merchandise, but also

    and fun.

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  • 77%

    of shoppers let the presence of children play facilities influence their decision on where to shop.